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Hello and Welcome !

Here you will find a space of loving support, compassion, understanding & healing, while navigating your true path & alignment with god.

You have been guided here for a reason!

If your WHY IS ??

coaching / Mentorship

collapsing timelines & de-programming 

healing / Quantum healing

prophetic insight / intuitive communication

Inner Child Healing / Bloodline clearing & healing 

activating your gifts

medical intuitive consult 

or joining a program. 

you have followed your heart, hearing the call, from the true living god, to take action !

You may wonder, ' What is the definition of Christ Consciousness"?

Christ consciousness is the state of awareness of our true nature, our higher self, and our birthright as children of God.

It is the the zero point, unified field of all that is & all that will ever be.

The living God is present in all of creation, here on earth & in the multiverse.

Constantly communicating with us, downloading information & codes to all life.

Everything that exists is a direct manifestation of God consciousness !

When you expand your identity from your body & personality, to the omnipresent spirit, you realize your consciousness is connected is a divine spark of God.

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