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Hello and Welcome !

Here you will find a space of loving support, compassion, understanding & healing, while navigating your true path & alignment with god.

You have been guided here for a reason!

If your WHY IS ??

coaching / collapse timelines & programming

healing / Quantum healing

prophetic insight

activating your gifts

medical intuitive or joining a program. 

you have followed the call from the true living god of all creation!

Rachael's strong tools & gifts of prophetic vision, is likened to a "laser beam" of precision & accuracy.

Through the years, Rachael has developed her extraordinary abilities of Clear vision, Clear intuition, Clear hearing & Clear knowing.

Seeing , feeling, translating codes & information, connected to christ Consciousness.

You may wonder, ' What is Christ Consciousness"?

Christ consciousness is an energy & intelligence, a vibration.

It is the the zero point, unified field of all that is & all that will ever be.

The living God is present in all of creation, here on earth & in the multiverse.

Constantly communicating with us, downloading information & codes to all life here on earth.

Everything that exists is a direct manifestation of God consciousness !

When you expand your identity from your body & personality, to the omnipresent spirit, you realize your consciousness is connected to everything in the universe.

The absolute divine creation codes of god, within nature & all life, reminds us all of our own divinity within ourselves.

Rachael channels Christ Consciousness & has a direct connection from above her crown chakra. It is a golden lotus template of Jesus Christ, that regenerates the golden cord to the heavenly realms.

To be free from the chains that keep you bound Rachael is able to :

Reverse & collapse the programming of the mind, emotional body & all spiritual bodies. Created via social conditioning, the current systems, mind set, family bloodlines & inherited conditions.

removal of curses & hexes

AAI Technology

inorganic timelines,

demons & closing demonic doors / attachments

spiritual attacks from other entities

hooks & implants

stains & inverted symbols in your energy field

Relationship & emotional entanglement

This is accompanied with the gift of being a medical intuitive.

Therefore, scanning your body, cells, coded information in your DNA & present / future issues arising to be addressed & cleared.

Re-balancing parts or all of the body that have caused disease or illness.

The Elohim family of angels & Rachael's galactic family, of the Blue Rays & andromeda beings, assist in multidimensional healings.

Rachael Has the gifts & templates to preform angelic miracles. Using mini - miracle support codes.

Rachael is a servant for the true living god, operating in her true masculine & feminine principles, embarking on a journey to assist the evolution of humanity

Rachael's divine mission blueprint is apart of the 144,000 angelic's here on earth.

Through the years, Rachael has developed her extraordinary abilities of Clear vision, Remote Viewing Clear intuition, Clear hearing & Clear knowing.

- Completed an International counseling Diploma

- Studied Marketing & Social Media Marketing

-Content Creation & Writing

- Business Growth for Coaches

- Course Creation

- 5D Business Coaching & Spiritual mentorship

- Studied Community Services & Welfare at TAFE, Launceston Tasmania

Rachael is located in Brisbane, Queensland.

To learn more click on about Rachael

If you wish to contact Rachael please phone on


email: [email protected]

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