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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting this site.

Here you will find all the information about Rachael and her direct 

connection with christ consciousness.

Rachael is likened to a "laser beam", with her medical intuitive analysis and removal of curses, implants, AAI Technology, demons, spiritual attacks, hooks, stains in your energy field and much more ect.

Rachael channels Christ Consciousness & has a direct connection to god from above her crown chakra. its a golden lotus template of Jesus Christ, that regenerates the golden cord to the heavenly realms.

 The Elohim family of angels & my galactic family of the Blue Rays, assist in multidimensional healings.

Rachael is a servant of god & reassure's her clients that the heavenly realms do exist beyond our earthly life.

Through the years, Rachael has developed her extraordinary abilities of Clear vision, Clear intuition, Clear hearing & Clear knowing.

Rachael studied at TAFE Launceston, Tasmania for her,"diploma in Community Services". Also completing a Counseling Diploma.

Rachael has a variety of clientele worldwide, who trust her abilities

Rachael is located in Brisbane, Queensland.

To learn more click on about Rachael

If you wish to contact Rachael please phone on


or email: [email protected]

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