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Rachael was born with the gift of prophecy & ability to see into other dimensions.

Rachael can move through peoples energy field & translate information with great accuracy.‚Äč

A lot of Rachael's childhood was spent with her Grandparents near the ocean at Primrose Sands in Hobart, Tasmania, keeping Rachael connected to gods creation.

The absolute divine creation codes of god, within nature,  reminds us all of our own divinity & sovereignty in ourselves.

At the age of 30, Rachael had an amazing encounter with god, Jesus & the holy spirit.

This all took place like clock work, in gods timing on Easter Sunday of March 2001. 

This life changing experience, accelerated an advanced awakening like never before.

Rachael has inspired many people to discover there hidden talents and overcome blockages from past lifetimes, past generations and mind control programming. 

Rachael uses her gifts to enlighten and heal others.