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Activate Your Gifts Session

As human beings we have 9 gifts that god has given us, superpowers !!! to serve in alignment with our career, chosen profession, business or occupation.

When these 9 gifts are activated within you & your energy field it magnetize your life in all areas.

This session will take your life to a whole new level.

Rachael scans everything in your light body that needs to be seen & purged, to assist in activating your gifts & operating on your highest timeline.

This session is for every area of your life to be activated as god intended it to be. With full alignment to your soul matrix.

Bringing you into the new earth templates, knowing who you are & having the full spectrum of every dimension to activate your gifts & creation codes. 

Being in full alignment with who you are gives you the ability to serve others at the highest level of consciousness & to assist others to align with their mission. 

Being in alignment with your gifts activates all the abundance you desire because you are living out your full mission and gods plan for you on earth.

Through this session Rachael maps out your galactic origin, your earthly origin & gives you a visual roadmap of who you are & the gifts you have come here to serve with.

Rachael & her galactic team, then map out your gifts to be fully activated within your human templates & energy field. This brings you to a whole new level of alignment in your life & work.

This session is very powerful for fully releasing anything that brings you into to full alignment to who you are and your mission here on earth. ‚Äč

Please allow 2 hours for this session.

To organise an "activate your gifts session" with Rachael,

 please use the enquiry form available on this website or email [email protected]

Have a blessed day !

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