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I am in collaboration with spiritual, likeminded, soul family, developing a co-operative Eco Community. 

We are looking for members of our soul tribe to join us in this small community at the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands.

We are looking for souls who value & respect mother earth. Creating a lifestyle that best benefits the residents & environment.

Our aim & mission is to creation a harmonious high vibrational setting, with the intention of using renewable/recycled resources wherever possible. 

Our strong values of spiritual, physical, mental, social wellbeing is our priority as a community, living independently from the 3D Earth reality.

Organic plant based diet

Herbal / plant medicines

Chemical free/plant based products

Natural tank water

Community showers & toilets

Community eating area with kitchen

Separate building for art, crafts, library , knitting , sewing & other activities.

Running creek for swimming & water resource.

Please provide a list of skills that you can contribute & how you would like to be of service in the community.

I am looking forward to connecting with you !

For Expressions of Interest & please contact Rachael at the email address provided.

[email protected]