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As a medical Intuitive Rachael accesses high level information from Christ Consciousness, about a person"s or animal"s health issues.

At high levels more minute & subtle issues are seen & sensed, that cause chronic problems.

Affecting a person's homeostasis balance & can manifest into problematic disease in the body.

Some issues are seen or detected from generational bloodlines / curses or on a vibrational / energy level. This includes current symptoms or symptoms that have not yet occured in the physical body.

Rachael will scan the whole physical body for any health issues, major and minor, then proceed to give the root causes. This can include healing what has shown up physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

Rachael creates a loving & compassionate environment for you to heal.

Her clients report amazing results with just one session.

Rachael works with Jesus templates, healing just as he did.

You will be asked when booking an appointment, if you allow Rachael to medically scan your body for alignments.

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