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Consults Information

Rachael can conduct consultation, 

over the

phone, FaceTime, via WhatsApp or zoom 

Face to face is available by email request only

Consultations are conducted from Monday to Sunday in Thornlands Brisbane.

Address will be provided after your booking has been completed. 

You can choose a day and time from the calendar provided on the prices page or

email / phone on:

043 802 5880 or [email protected]

Distant Consultations

Phone, WhatsApp or FaceTime or zoom.

Energies can be just as powerful from a distance.

A prophetic consult involves gaining information or clarity about the current situations in your life or questions.

This may include Generational trauma's, attachments, demons, diseases, curses, hooks, AAI implants patterns & loops & damages to the DNA. Current timelines & choices.

I also look at the present & future of your timeline & assist you to be on the highest timeline possible.

Depending on the amount of time you choose for your consult, depends on how in-depth the consult will be.

Please choose carefully as extra time may need to be booked in at a later date.

Connecting with passed loved ones.

Mediumship consults, are for people who want to connect and communicate with loved ones and the animal kingdom, who have passed to gods kingdom in heaven.

Very specific information is given that is personal to you and the person / people who has passed.

Please note that due to free will it is entirely up to spirit who enters the room, from the spirit world.

You are welcome to ask for specific people/pets to come through.

Most of the time someone will appear for you , prior to your reading, if that has already been your intention.

Photos of passed loved ones or any items that may have belonged to them, are also welcomed.

During a mediumship consult, there is no need to give any details, you can confirm the information afterwards.


When the mediumship consult begins, Rachael will read your energy field & the field of the people in the third heaven. 

If there are any questions left unanswered she will go over these at the end of the reading . 

Rachael will scan the whole physical body for any health issues, major and minor, then proceed to give the root causes. This will include healing what has shown up physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.


Rachael creates a compassionate ,trusting and loving environment ,for you to release long standing health issues.

Her clients report amazing results with just one session.

Rachael works with Jesus templates, healing just as he did.


You will be asked when booking an appointment, if you allow Rachael to medically scan your body for alignments.

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