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Quantum Healing / Medical Intuitive

In the the Quantum Healing Session you will collapse out any & all timelines that do not serve your mission, relationships, career or lifestyle  god has planned for you.

God wants you to be a clear temple to be in alignment with his love, understanding & guidance through your intuition.

His mission & blueprint for your destiny & life purpose is sometimes beyond your human understanding, until you realize it was so much more than what you could of ever planned out for yourself.

Ultimately, you are here to serve the one god & Jesus Christ, your lord and saviour. 

There is only one key that opens the door to your destiny & that key is Jesus Christ.

During a session of healing I will almost always find numerous AAI Implants & technologies, that have caused problems energetically, emotionally, physically & mentally.

curses, lilith or dark mother inversions, inverted symbolism, rips & tears in your energy field, just to name a few.

Healings can take up to an hour and a half each session.

Stillness and sitting or laying down somewhere comfortable is required.

No distractions for maximum effectiveness as deep healing occurs.

Your healing can be conducted remotely or in person, some people feel more comfortable in their own environment.

There is no difference in effectiveness. 

Bookings / payment can be made on my prices page.

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0438025880